Katy Smart
One of the longer-serving characters, Katy started out as a Third Year Student Nurse, qualifying as a State Registered Nurse around 1980.

Paul writes:
Katy lived at home with her mum, dad and younger sister whom she shared a room with, this causing numerous arguments when she was trying to study for her SRN. During her third year she was engaged to a doctor but during her exams she found out he was also seeing Fleur, Fleur not seeing this as a problem as it was 'just fun' . Katy broke off the engagement. By the time she came back qualified she was married to Roger a Policeman. Her explanation to a patient (Bob Cryer from The Bill) was it was the uniform (his not hers). Roger's true traits emerged, he was a bully who expected her to give up her job and cook/clean for him, smashing plates when things didn't go his way, we finally saw him hit her when he came to the hospital acusing her of locking the front door to their flat and he couldn't get in. Just after this, Katy handed in her notice putting a brave face on it saying it was her decision. Fortunately for us she returned as an agency nurse. Returning home early one day , Roger came out the bedroom pulling the door closed. Katy knew there was someone in there and eventually her close friend Sister Price came out. As they were both working on the same ward, the scenes between the two were excellent. Roger moved in with Sister Price; but she didn't put up with him trying to treat her as he did Katy and threw him out. This reconciled her and Katy and eventually they got back together, buying a house.

Katy was played by Shirley Cheriton, and is probably better known as one of the original Eastenders cast.
Student Katy
SRN Katy
Agency Katy