Rose Butchins
Rose began as a Pupil Nurse before donning the green uniform of a State Enrolled Nurse.

Paul writes:
Rose was a working class Northern girl who didn't let on with her father, her mother was never mentioned. She had one brother who came to stay in her room in the nurses home when she was an SEN, as a qualified she got a room to herself, having previously roomed with Jay whom she didn't get on with. As an SEN trainee, her title before qualifying was Pupil Nurse: only SRN trainees could call themselves Student Nurses. This was something Rose always hated as she felt that although they did the same job they were treated like second class nurses. This often led to clashes with the tutors and in her student days her abrupt manner often saw Sisters reporting her for attitude problems. When Rose qualified she found she wanted that bit more that the SEN title would bring her and embarked on her SRN training at the other hospital. Rose's favourite ward was ICU where she and Katy worked. At St Angela's, she got involved with a patient (Kevin Whitely of Inspector Morse / Auf Wiedersein Pet fame); but didn't get serious about anyone until she moved to the other hospital, getting seriously involved with a male nurse ( I think the name was Den or something like that), unfortunately for her she later discovered Anna was doing the dirty on her, discovering the two of them when she headed back to London to surprise him (he was there meant to be in a boxing match). At the new hospital we found out she had a thing about treating eyes and hated being put on an eye ward. Her career finally came to an end caused by that old temper. She tried to stop a visitor seeing his son and when he pushed she pushed back sending him to the floor just as someone came in. They both ended up in court (Den and Anna there to support her) and were both found guilty causing Rose to give up nursing. We last saw her with rucksack on back heading off after saying goodbye to Den and Anna.

Kathryn Apanowicz was another ex-Angel who ended up in  Eastenders. She's currently a DJ on BBC Radio Leeds and was the partner of Richard Whiteley, the late lamented Countdown host and wearer of garish ties.

Rose's green SEN uniform was actually a Chambermaid's uniform made by the Scottish manufacturer Hewat's of Edinburgh. Thanks to Allan for the picture.
Pupil Nurse
Hewatt's Chambermaid uniform
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